Inuit Style Oracle

It has been awhile!  I have been, gasp, lazy!  But let me make it up to you with now with sexy, sexy failure!

As I have mentioned in previous posts my husband and I are paying through Pathfinder’s Reign of Winter campaign.  He’s playing a Winter Witch and I am playing an Ancestor Oracle.  I’m melee with the occasional magic boost.  It’s been…surprisingly versatile and one of my best character builds ever.

Since I have a somewhat useless degree in antropology and art history, I tend to play a good deal of non-standard characters.  This character I modeled off of Inuit shamans and hunters in both design, racial appearance, devotion and how she treats the world within the game.  There are two group of humans within the People of the North Pathfinder guide that are basically Inuit: the Erutaki and the Varki.  I choose the Varki (which had less on them) because of their more nomadic and accepting nature.

I came across and very obvious problem when planning this miniature: virtually no northern tribal type figures.  I found some 18mm historic figure with piss-poor details.  And I found a singular male figure called Nanoc Spearman which is an older mini produced by Reaper.  I attempted to fully sculpt a mini from scratch instead.  I knew what I wanted and felt like the Nanoc Spearman would be too large.


I had the worst time trying to hand sculpt from scratch.  The boots on this figure were…fantastic.  And took me 2 hours to smooth.  But the time the boots looked good, the rest of the figure was basically hard.  I did gt with more yellow than blue of the green stuff mix.  Less yellow should have given me more time but it wasn’t enough.  This picture was the second body I attempted to sculpt.  I am a noob, yessir, I am.


The Batman

I gave facing sculpting a try and made two heads.  I hadn’t added many details yet but felt actually pretty good about my first head attempts.  Sadly they all were rather masculine.  Something about my last two projects made me giddy to give her exceptional cheek bones AND a longer, ethnic nose.  I kept noticing my attempts just made surprised looking Batman.  So I added the bat ears.  Why not?

Sod it, I’m going to mod the way I know how!  Nanoc Spearman it is!


  • I set aside my modding bits for this project.  I chose a nicer weapon that was longer and less chunky from one of my weapon packs.  I, of course, have Mr. Spearman who would be losing his head.  I pulled out and old, old Ral Partha head to use (I have 3 of this mini, it was not an affront to all mini-kind by destroying it).  I also pulled out a Bones figure whose head was lovely.  But I need to post my feelings on Bones figures.  They are negative feelings.  I am not participating in the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter.  NOPE.


  • The removal of the head was a little hard.  I wanted to maintain the neck but my tools were just a bit too large.  Even with my smallest drill sander I had to spend a good deal of time carefully maintaining as much of the neck and hair as I could.  Smoothing them was very hard.  I ended up using green stuff as the smoother when the metal wasn’t cooperating.


  • This part was fairly simple.  I drilled a hole in the headless Nanoc figure, dug out some space for the neck, pinned the head, and then pinned/glued/greenstuffed the head in place.  I was worried at first that the head was too small.  It wasn’t, thankfully!


  • Fur.  I kick ass at fur.  I am completely in my element sculpting fur.  Long live fur!
  • There was a hole in the back of the Nanoc figure for this strange bone/tusk back piece.  I was not going to use it so I covered it up with green stuff and textured it as fur to match the rest of the back.


  • Here is where the figure get’s lady-ized.  I sculpted boobs.  Gave her more fur around her front and neck, and molded it into the armor on her chest.  I also shaved a little of the girth from the chest to make it look less manly and bulky.
  • You can also see the work done to the neck and some small errors along the jaw line I fixed.


  • I sculpted two large braids down on her back.  I also made a little fringe in the front that you will need in the next image.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the painted face before I added her facial tattoos.  Facial tattoos are cool.
  • I feel really good about my ability to paint faces and eyes.  This head had just the right cheek bone and nose I wanted.  I actually love how the eyes protrude and have very thick lashes/eyelids.  It made it very easy to paint.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got into painting and just didn’t take any pictures of the process.  It was a very simple case of base cost, shadows, wash and dry brush highlights for the rest of the figure.


Remember to please feel free to click on any of the images for a larger image.

Our Oracle and Winter Witch has served us well during our travels for far and are approaching lvl 8.

Next time: Baba Yaga’s Hut!  Yep, I’m almost done crafting the Dancing Hut.  I tried mummifying real chicken feet for that one…ugh…bad choices.