Man-Witch, Not Your Average Sandwich

I have been away.  Many things are to blame.  There have been quite a few vacations, I had to be Lara Croft for awhile, and I may have also had to be an Ezio.  Vacations and gaming binge, I admit to this fully.  Also, I have simply been lazy. I have been painting, just not posting.

I have been doing some painting and making PC minis for Pathfinder’s Reign of Winter campaign.  My husband made an Irrisien Winter Witch (or Man-Witch as I say) and I make a Varki Oracle.  His miniature require no modding to achieve what he wanted.  Mine…well…that’s another post.  They were finished a few week ago.  We’re level 6 now.


Man Witch, Mmmm Hexes!

The miniature I used was Reaper’s Anzen Contar.  This also came with a flame familiar which I also painted!  But I will share another time as I have both a metal and Bones version.  I have feeling about Bones now…not good feelings.

No modding was required for this PC.

This post will not be as detailed as normal because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember the details and it’s two days from going on vacation.  Beaches and rum and relaxation with people I enjoy.  That’s all I can really share with you.


  • I generally don’t mount minis this way.  I wanted to give it a whirl.  My husband helped me saw the base off.  I used a hand drill to drill holes into the base of the feet and insert/glue wire.  Everything seemed to be working out.  However, upon completion and fixing the mini to a base with both super glue, wires and green stuff…it broke off that base twice with normal use.  I will not be using this method again.  I will go back to my lazy green stuff way that makes sure my minis don’t ever come off.


  • As you can see, he’s affixed to a wooden block.  I know many people use wine corks.  Despite the amount of wine drunk in this house…very few of them come with corks made of cork.  They all have the rubber reusable corks.  So I went into my box of doo-dabs and grabs a wooden block.  I sawed a gap around the end block without severing it in 2.  I twisted the wire from the miniature at the bottom to secure it.  It worked really well.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI usually make notes and write up what I am painting as I paint them.  This time, I got lazy, took pictures, and had too much faith that I would remember what I used.  NOPE.
  • Since Irrisen people are generally very pale, I feel pretty confident that I used MSP (Master Series Paint) Fair Skin Trio.  However, I know I added a pale grey-blue to the batch in order to make the skin more cool and northern.  As you can see: flesh base coat!


  • After doing a flesh base coat I used a dark brown ad black of some sort to make the mouth indentation stand out.  I also painted the basics of the eyes.  I would add a speck of blue to them eventually.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere were many pictures between the last one and this one showing the changes in the skin.  As a pale character that wasn’t meant to have cheekbones like David Bowie the changes were not obvious enough on camera.  So we’re going to fast forward.
  • I painted shading, highlights and washes the crap out of his skin.
  • I know my husband would have feeling about having me paint pastel colors all over this mini (as is a usual clothing color scheme for his character’s origin) so I played up nice cool colors such as blue and purple.  As well as whites/off-whites, grays and blacks.


  • Looking pretty good!  Just need some details and a base!
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADue to impossible mold line over one of the eyes, I could not achieve a truly symmetrical look.  I painted a scar over that eye to bring a sort of “intended imbalance” to the face.  Captain Husband was pleased.  Scars are cool.
  • Appropriate small details were added.


All the sexy!

I feel like his mini has a good deal of presence.  I am also continuously made aware of how crummy my camera is.  I think I am going to need to make a photo box for more consistent lighting.

Next time: Varki Oracle, Inuit style!  Also failed attempts at sculpting a mini from scratch.


Attempts at making a female face…got me Batman.


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