Animals: Panthers and Doggies and Foxes oh my!

Animals, I have been painting a few recently.  Although I will not be showing a tutorial for all of them I will share a tutorial for one of them.  As long as the miniature has fur texture I generally paint them all the same.  No fur texture makes me a very sad lady.  I end up having animals that look like Mr. Bigglesworth.


My recently projects included painting a blue/black panther eidolon for my husband, three dogs for summons or enemies and an arctic fox for a familiar.  The dogs were Ral Partha wardogs I scored from a random miniature bin at GenCon for about $.80.  I was so shocked at the cost that I ended up loading up a bag of other animals while I was there.  I also picked up what I call my “Bag of Sluts,” but that is a tale for another day.

Show and tell on the other animals:



“We are the dogs with no fur texture.  We made our painter pout.  This resulting covering one in spots to hide her shame.”

The fox I used is from an animal pack produced by Freeblades Miniatures.  Please check their stuff out, their miniatures are fantastic.  I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the people who run Freeblades and gushed over their minis.  I really wish that they had more available as I own most of their line.

Foxes are great little animals who come in a variety of colors.  This fox is to be used as a familiar in the Reign of Winter campaign for Pathfinder.  As my husband is playing a winter man-witch it’s only appropriate that his fox be arctic.  The interesting thing with arctic foxes is that I notice that they have two colors: a more yellowish/brown tint or a blue tint to their fur.  Well I like blue, so blue is what I went for.  If blue is an option…I’m going to use blue.  I need to be conscious of my use of blue otherwise all humanoids would be dressed in blue.  I don’t need to use blue, I can quit at any time!  Ok, I have a problem.


  • To begin I based the fox and used some green stuff to create a setting.  I planned on using some terrain water to create a small pool and attempt to make it look iced over.  I textured the green stuff by rolling a small rock over the surface.  I generally let my greenstuff set overnight before continuing.


  • This fox was east to paint.  I used a base coat of MSP (Master Series Paint) Misty Grey as a base on the fox.  I also used MSP Stormy Grey on the base.


  • Next I set to work on the face.  I know many people like to paint in the face at the end, but I find it easy to work around the details then add them at the end.  If I mess up I end up having to either layer up the paint and make it look thick and icky, or strip the figure and start over.  Hells to the NO with starting over.
  • I used Citadel Chaos Black to paint in a thin line In the mouth, a little paint for the nose and painting the sockets of the fox.  I dotted in MSP New Gold for bright yellow eyes.  As I continue I will clean up the mouth and eye area as I add my layers to the figure.


  • Next I added MSP Black Wash to the base and make a thin wash of MSP Templar Blue.  I didn’t want this figure to be a bright blue so thin was the way to go in order to get the tint.


  • Now I cleaned up the eyes and mouth as you can see.  I choose to not attempt a pupil because this miniature is small…very small.  I dry brushed the fur with MSP Misty Grey in order to ton down the slight blue on the higher edges.  I also dry brushed the base with the same color…and quite honestly loved it.


  • It’s time to add some small shadow.  I mixed 2:1 ratio of MSP Misty Grey and MSP Templar Blue and light, very lightly dry brushed the underside of the fox, the underside of it’s tail, the bends in the legs and some small areas near the eyes and cheeks.  Also, let’s stop to appreciate the base again.  Ah. Me gusta.


  • I do believe this speaks for itself.  I dry brushed Citadel Skull White on the high areas including the top of the nose, edges of the ears and cheeks as well as appropriate body parts.  Don’t you just want to BOOP it’s nose?


  • I felt the fox was still a little bland.  Foxes have the occasional unique markings.  I added a tiny bit of Citadel Chaos Black along the ear tips, at the base of the tail and a tiny pit along the “eyebrows”.  It’s a fox!


  • Now is time for some base love.  I made some sort of ungody green mixture I don’t remember in the base of the pool.  Then I added a smidgen of green terrain at left corner of the recess.  Of course this meant it was time to add terrain water.  This requires 24 hours to set.


  • With a little glue and snow terrain in patches we have a lovely base.  A very light dry brush of MSP Misty Grey and Citadel Skull White to the water surface to make it look iced over added to the winter feel.


And we have ourselves a little arctic fox!


3 thoughts on “Animals: Panthers and Doggies and Foxes oh my!

  1. This little guy came out awesome!! Wow that’s an awesome level of detail. And the base is so so nice. Also very jealous of your ability to pick up cheap minis 😦 they are so over priced here I’ve never really gotten a `nice` cheaply!! Can’t wait to meet your sluts 🙂

    • Thanks! I was so pleased with the base. I usually feel like bases are hit and miss for me in terms of how they come out. As for cheap minis going to a large con seems to be the only place where I can score a bunch for a cheap price. Granted, most of these are going to be older minis that are lead based and sport mullets or rockers hair but some things can be picked up at a bargain. That haul was sold by weight rather than by mini. I think I walked away with 50 or more items for just over $15. I loaded up on animals, wings/horns/weapons for modding and of course my bag of sluts (I plan on doing these for a Valentine’s Day post). For more recently minis I highly suggest taking a peak in my links sections. is a great place to get minis. They honestly have the cheapest minis and new releases I have encountered (minus the occasional ebay score). On average I save about 20% or so on all my purchases. The sites is a little slow to load but I think it’s worth it. Hope it helps!

      • Oh, thanks so much! I will definitely check that out!!
        Yea, there aren’t a lot of conventions in Aus, and the ones we do have don’t typically showcase miniatures/table top gaming very much at all *sigh* .
        But internet sources – veeeerry useful 😀 Thankyou!!

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