Completed Elementals 4/4: Water

Calamity in mini land!  My camera charger was stolen by kobolds!  Or more likely it went missing during our move or is simply very good at being lost.  I have replaced it and can now post!

That’s right, that last elemental has been finished.  Don’t wet your pants now, that’s the water elemental’s job.


  • The miniature was primed with my P3 White Spray Primer.  I used green stuff to adhere it to its base and added a rock because: I like rocks. Who doesn’t like rocks? Rocks are cool.


  • I don’t think I have used so few colors on a miniature before (short of a skeleton with 3).  I did two or three coats of MSP (Master Series Paint) Deep Ocean.  After putting this layer on I considered that perhaps I should be working from light to dark in terms of colors.  However, the Epic Goddess of Lazy within myself could not be bothered to re-prime the elemental.  We will see how it turns out.


  • The next color I used was diluted MSP Marine Teal.  I used this on all the high edges generously.  I used several coats and found it immediately began seeing the illusion of water.  When stuff like this happens it only solidifies my inner Lazy Goddess’ resolve to continue to be lazy.  Someday, things won’t work out and my inner perfectionist demon will have words with me.


  • MSP Surf Aqua was applied to the highest edges, much like the Marine Teal.  However, this time I did not lay it on as thickly and made a point to cover less of the surface of the high edges.  There are “foam” bubbled carved into this mini’s cheeks.  I dry brushed this color into those recesses hoping I could layer on a more “frothy” appearance as I went.


  • I mixed a small amount of MSP Ashen Blue with MSP Misty Grey.  Then I laid a small amount on the highest edges and used even less than I did of the Surf Aqua.  I noticed I did not add enough water for a smooth application.  As you can see it looks a little dry on some parts of the body.  Boo, Nerddrasil.  Boo.


  • I felt that painting over the lightest dry color would make it stand out too much.  I used a little lazy trick of mine: stippling brush with some water + scrubbing = remove a little bit of the harshness of the color.  Finally I use Citadel Skull White on a few of the highest point (foam fingertips, cheeks, a little on the mouth and forehead as well as the base waves).


  • As both a sort of primer and base detail I used Secret Weapon Scenics Realistic Water.  I used scotch tape to make a tray at the base for a layer of water to be added.  This was not the best method as I did not get the best edges.  I also covered the entire figure giving it a very glossy appearance.  24 hours later it was all dried.  I needed to clip and sand the edges to make the scenic water look nicer.


Isn’t it lovely?  But you know what that means?


I have a four set!  Large Elementals Complete!

I have been busy with little projects.  Captain Husband and I have started playing the first part of Pathfinder’s Reign of Winter scenerio.  We are still on The Snows of Summer and are really loving it.  He’s playing a Witch and I am playing an Oracle.  Due to this I have painted him a new figure and painted an Arctic Fox (familiar for my winter man-wich) with a custom base.  I will be sharing these things next time.

I am playing a Varki Oracle…and there is a distinct lack of Inuit type figures.  Which means I am sculpting from scratch, motherfracking lord of filth why?!

I have also painted a panther, based a butt ton of minis, and have planned on doing some small and miniature elementals.

Also, Captain Husband told me I can’t buy more minis until I paint 50 of them.  Challenge excepting, bitch. There are some Wyrd figures I am lusting over.  


4 thoughts on “Completed Elementals 4/4: Water

    • Thank you! I was enthusiastic about trying water effects and decided to go wild. It was a good idea in the end. I may have to find a way to make drool or icicles from the terrain water someday soon.

      • Drool is best done with UHU glue.
        for icicles try taking a bit of thread and dipping it in glaze coat varnish, it will take a while to build up layers but its the best i can think of at the moment.

      • You’re right, I’ve seen some tutorials on it (although the icicle idea you suggest sounds really good too). I never have the clear plastic thread on hand, but I really need to pick it up. I haven’t had need of drool or ice yet but I am sure that time will come. And then I’ll be swearing that I need to go out and get it!

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