Elementals 3/4: Air

I would like to sing my praises to the pet owners of hobby-land during the early summer.  Pet shedding…it’s really a bitch.



My biggest concern about painting the air elemental was to make sure it didn’t look like water.  Peering around the vast galaxy of the internet I noticed a lot, and I mean a lot of air elementals being painted using blues and whites.  Often it comes across as being more watery than airy.  Although I do use a blue in my miniature, I made a conscious effort to stay in the ashen-cool color zone.  So this meant ash blues, pale purples, greys and whites.  I even considered pinks and yellows.  After all, what colors are the clouds when you get down to thinking about it?


  • This miniature was originally primed black.  I ended up re-priming it white with P3 White Spray Primer. The reason I did this was so that my paints showed brighter against a background of white.   I prefer to keep my bases black so I adhered the mini afterward priming.  I wasn’t concerned about priming the base since I would be covering it up with grit later on.


  • To begin I made a mix of 2:3 MSP (Master Series Paint) Twilight Blue and Citadel Skull White.  This image is of the first coat I applied but I did lay on a second coat.  As you can see, it really needed a second coat.


  • Next I made a wash from MSP Twilight Blue and coated the entire figure.  The body really took up the wash well.  No emo, vampire loving teenagers shot out of my bottle.  You may now breath.


  • Purple, yes I am using purple at this point.  I mixed a 1:1 MSP Amethyst Purple with Citadel Skull White.  I added a little bit of Lasting Flow and applied it to the high edges of the figure using the side of my brush.


  • I was losing sunlight fast and felt like the figure was still too “bright” and that there wasn’t enough definition.  I made an additional wash of heavily diluted MSP Adamantium Black.  I love the slightly shimmery paints.  I became concerned with that it did to my mini and began eating wasabi peas as punishment.


  • Feeling as if though I muted the purple undertones, I applied the 1:1 of MSP Amethyst White and Citadel Skull White on the high points once more.  Phhhuuueew.  I guess I can put the wasabi peas down now.


  • I didn’t necessarily dry brush this.  I left more paint on than I usually would dry brushing, but not enough to make it extremely opaque.  I “mildly moist brushed” MSP Leather White on the highest points.  This “white” is really more of a pale, pale grey.


  • My deep love for shiny paint led me to a stupid/awesome choice.   Dry brushed the whole dang thing with MSP Aged Pewter.  I loved the shimmer effect it caused…but it also looked like I completely covered my beautiful highlight again.  Specifically the love MSP Leather White I just applied.  Ok, now I have to eat more wasabi peas.  I don’t deserve sinuses that don’t burn.


  • It’s time to bring out the shiny paint once more (I never learn, honestly).  I dry brushed the highest edges with MSP Pearl White.  This time things worked out.  But could I add one more color?  Maybe?  Yes?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes, I can!  With Citadel Skull White I rolled a few of the highest points with the brightest white I own.  The eyes and mouth I colored with diluted Adamantium Black.  I think it looks like air.  It was also officially too dark for me to paint anymore.  As you can see, I started laying some very, very basic terrain.

AirElementalDoneAnd so we have an Air Elemental!

Before I post the final installment of the Large Elemental Project…I need to discuss my upcoming Mini “Mini” Party.  Wednesday I’m expecting our Reaper Bones Kickstarter Vampire Package.  Oodles and oodles of minis!  There will be minis, hard cider, bratwursts and General Bismark.  Did any of you buy into the Bones Kickstarter?  Let me know if you threw your own Mini “Mini” Party!

There is much anticipation from Captain Husband and myself for Wednesday.


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