Elementals 1/4: Fire

I have been away a little while, but have returned!  I had some serious foot surgery in March.  I will spare you the awesome pictures, but I am now the lucky owner of a pin and two screws in my foot.  I keep forgetting to ask my podiatrist if I will now set off alarms at the airport.  I can only hope.

I promised you elementals and I shall deliver.

I prefer to paint with natural light as I can see far better and am less likely to get a head ache.  The last two I painted while watching TV, so today I decided to set myself up at a window and crank up some Depeche Mode.  We live on a bay and had some wonderful light and a great view!  I really couldn’t have been in a better mood.


As you can see, I work with a small space, but I found I was really content with this new set up that I can set up quickly and take down just as fast for company.  I also love living next to the bay because I get to collect awesome terrain rocks or seashells when I need them.

Not to mention baby ducks.  They are so damn cute.

Feel free to click on an image if you want a closer look.  I am still figuring out this dag-nabbit-watcha-ma-dooger called technology.


  • I started with my P3 Black Spray Primed Large Fire Elemental.  My anticipation was building as I have never painted a fire-anything in my life.  I also became keenly aware of that fact that while buying paints I completely neglected to buy any shade of orange.  Jooooy.


  • As I don’t own a white primer, it occurred to me that in order for my colors to show brighter I needed to give it an additional base of white.  I used Citadel Skull White with a little lasting flow and water.  I was having some issues with a smooth coat using straight paint and decided to thin it out a little.  This is a trend with citadel paints.  They dry out and thicken really quickly.  Maybe it’s a testament to the shitty, squat containers, or maybe it’s the paint itself.  Either way, when they run out I will not be getting that brand again.
  • The yellow line on the arm was me trying to decide if I should just lay on some straight yellow, or just do layer after layer of washes to create a gradation effect.  This was a big no to straight paint and a big yes to some washes.


  • I used a mix of Citadel Skull White and Citadel Sunburst Yellow in a 2:1 mix and water.  This is around three wash coats.  I was worried as it seemed REALLY freaking bright.  I gathered my courage and pushed onward.  A sorceress has got to do, what a sorceress has got to do.


  • I needed a more muted yellow as I moved upwards.  I left the legs as-is with the triple wash of super-pee yellow and mixed a more muted color.  I mixed Citadel Sunburst Yellow with a small drop of MSP (Master Series Paint) Carnage Red and some Citadel Skull White.  I didn’t pay attention to amount as it took several tries to not end up with a Starburst Swirl candy color.  There was a time when it was peachy.  No me gusta.
  • I applied it, lightly water, to the area of the mid-thigh of the elemental upwards.


  • It was time to mix an orange color.  I know the theory behind using bright colors and then muting them down with washes, but the brightness of this orange made me question the theory at first.  I mixed the remnants of the muted yellow I made with just a little more of the MSP Carnage Red.  I made a wash that was thicker than I had intended.  Hey now, I’m still a newbie at this…and was losing sunlight fast.  A very large shit was given about the idea of starting over.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, we’re starting to look like something.  I’m all about not wasting paint that I mixed up.  I took my previous unbelievably bright orange and add…you guessed it, more MSP Carnage Red!  I added a little more water and painted it from mid-chest to the top of the elemetal’s head.


  • I feel like I am repeating myself…but one again I reused the paint I previously mixed and added…YES…MOAR MSP Carnage Red (you see a pattern yet?)!  This time I used it roughly from it’s shoulders to the top of it’s head.  I did take a dab of it, water it down even more, and used a light reddish wash from the knee to the nipple.


  • This is where I started getting giddy, because I realized I am doing a pretty decent job painting fire.  I used plain MSP Carnage Red as a very, very diluted wash over the entire elemental.
  • I followed this by using a minimally water down MSP Carnage Red and using a small tipped brush to insert it into leg and arm fold as well as particularly deep crevices.
  • Next, I followed this by using straight MSP Carnage Red along the top of the arms, shoulders and head in every deep nook and a few shallow ones.
  • But more could be done, oh yes.  I made a very diluted wash of MSP Clotted Red over the entire figure for a little more depth and to bring more of the details into focus.
  • Things were looking really well but I wanted to add a few more high and low lights.  This included MSP Bloodstain Red in the eyes and the very tips of the “flame licks” as well at the deepest holes.
  • I finished by dry brushing straight MSP Golden Blonde on the raised areas of flame over the entire figure. I did use straight Citadel Sunburst yellow on a few spots, but scrapped the idea for a more gentle yellow shade.



It looks like fire!  Yes!

I realized I have never owned more than four 2in bases at any given time and could not base this poor fiery beast.  The last one had gone to the earth elemental.  I will remedy this very soon.

As I was typing this I also couldn’t help but wonder if I should call the elemental he or she, as it felt really impersonal to refer to it as…it.  This also led to thoughts on whether or not it would be appropriate to customize genitals for my elementals in order to right this wrong.  No, probably not.  What do we say to both death and my inner 13 year old boy?  Not today.

Stay tuned for the next elemental: EARTH.


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