We Be Pathfinders! Goblin Modding Part 2, Complete!

I finally finished my Goblin modded miniatures.  This project was inspired and completed with the help of:



Thank you Bartenura Moscato for making this evening a little more magical.


So, you remember these guys that got the crap modded out of them?  


Well, they got primed and prepped for painting!  I learned some valuable lessons about green skin from the orcs and decided to try something new with these guys.

 I want to note that all paint colors were mixed with  Master Series Paint (MSP) Anti-Shine additive.  Being that I only had a gloss varnish on hand, I would need to dumb down the shine by adding my anti-shine additive to both the paint and varnish to give it more of a satin finish.  Yes, this does work if you find yourself out of satin or mat varnish (assuming that’s your thing).


  • Primed goblins’ skin was the first task at hand.  I painted their faces with a base color of MSP Golden Blonde. 
  • I hoped to line the eyes in red and have yellow eyes.  I ended up going a slightly different route in the end (the shaky hand, apathetic route of someone who had been drinking wine for a little while, oops).  I started by giving the eyes a once over with Citadel Blood Red.
  • I also painted the goblin alchemist’s tongue with the same Citadel Blood Red.  I used a little bit of MSP Clotted Red on the tongue recesses to give it more depth.


  • Next I gave the goblin skin a wash of MSP Military Green with water and Miniature Giant Lasting Flow.  This was done with a 2:2:1 ratio.  I did make several washes until I had a green saturation I liked.  I completely missed the ranger’s ears sticking out during this process and went back when I realized I over looked them.
  • I made a few attempts on the eyes that did not result in me needing to repaint the faces at any time.  I first used a dot of Citadel Sunburst Yellow over the red.  I then attempted to use MSP New Gold to bring a little spark to the eyes.  I found that the two yellow’s did not really differentiate from one another, but that New Gold did look pretty great on it’s own.  Being that the red could still be seen around the borders of the eyes, and goblins have huge irises, I enlarged the New gold dot in each eye and considered them finished.
  • I also went into some of the corners and nooks of the face with undiluted MSP Military Green and MSP Camouflage Green to bring a little more shading into the skin.
  • The alchemist’s teeth were also very lightly painted over the primer (black) using Citadel Bleached Bone.  Also: I think citadel Bleached bone is the only paint color of theirs I really, really like.


  • It’s generally not a good idea to have no idea what color armor you want for your miniatures, but I adjusted as I went along.  I started by giving the alchemist a coat of Citadel Bleached Bone.  I then painted his apron with MSP Khaki Shadow. 
  • For the ranger I dry brushed her armor scales with Citadel Mithril Silver.  I painted her “cloth” clothing and hood with MSP Stormy Grey.  I also went in and painted her boots with Khaki Shadow.  I wasn’t concerned about painting the boots perfectly because I was going to coat her lower regions in “mud”.  After all, dirty goblins are dirty.
  • Ranger ears were also painting over with this step using the same methods as the rest of the skin. Image
  • As I said before, I did not like Khaki Shadow for the alchemist’s apron.  I painted over it with MSP Dark Highlights. I chose it for it’s slightly red color.
  • MSP’s Brown Wash was used over the Bleached Bone color (and hadn’t quite dried in this picture above).
  • I also moved in and painted the alchemist’s gloves and boots with Citadel Scorched Brown.
  • The ranger merely got a black wash over her Storm Grey clothes with MSP’s Black Wash.


In this image I started to paint the Alchemical Flask and the bow. As well as a few other details.

  • I have never painted a larger glass item before.  I didn’t quite get the “reflection” I was aiming for but I think I did manage to give the impression of green, bubbly liquid in the flask.  I painted the lower section of the flask using MSP Camouflage Green and made the top section uneven and spiked in appearance.  I then missed a little Citadel Sunburst yellow into the mix and added fleck and speckles here and there towards the top. 
  • I covered the flask in a wash of MSP Pearl White, and also used the same paint to fill in non-green areas of the flask.  I added a vertical line on the side of the flask in Citadel Bone White, and one horizontally at the base with the same color.  I couldn’t seem to get a clean line for these lines.  However, I did manage a perfect highlight on the top rim of the flask.
  • The flask bubbles were entirely painted with MSP Snow Shadow.  I dotted the very tops of the blueish bubbles with Skull White. I was pretty pleased as punch with the bubbles.
  • The ranger didn’t need too much added at this stage.  I painted her bow with Citadel’s Graveyard Earth, and eventually put MSP Brown Wash over it.  I MSP Tanned Shadow and Dark skin to make a “mud” color.  I haphazardly blotched and painted the boots, sections of the legs, and the end of the clothing to give the illusion of tromped through mud.
  • The ranger bracer wraps were painted with Citadel Bleached Bone and washed over with MSP Black wash.


The final steps were all detail.

  • The alchemist got the hands of his gloves painted with MSP Clotted Red and blended upwards int the brown of the rest of this gloves. 
  • As I don’t own an orange color I mixed Citadel Sunburst Yellow with Citadel Blood Red.  I went over it with a 1:1 wash of water and MSP Clotted red. I added some light highlight with MSP Golden Blonde.
  • The goblin alchemist needed something to messy him up, so I speckled a variety of colors at the base of his coat and slightly above his waist.
  • The Alchemist’s earring was painted with MSP Antique Gold.
  • For the ranger I decided to dirty and rust the edges of her chainmail.  I used a dry brush of MSP Antique Gold.  I am not sure it gave it a rusted appearance so much as it just added more depth.  Reasons like this are why I need to add orange into my paint box.
  • I painted the details onto her belt and other accessories.  I honestly don’t remember exactly what I used for all the details, but it included a ton of browns, some MSP Adamantine Black and  MSP Antique Gold.  I could have just used a standard black, but damn it I have been itching to use my Adamantine Black.
  • I also gave my first try at doing bases, painted and textured. I’m not sure how I feel about the results yet.  I suspect I need a different glue, and that I need to assemble the bases before adding the miniatures.


Here’s a flash image of the finished figures.  My husband and I can’t wait to use these for our next Pathfinder Society game.



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