Derpy Orc and the Goblin Stylist

Sunday night was project night for me.  Being that it wasn’t decent weather for priming outside I prepped our kitchen “bar” for the task.


Note precious background booze, because booze is always noteable.


And we’re primed!

I’m sure you are wondering about those rascally goblins.  Captain Husband, as I sometimes call him, decided he wanted to join me in painting.  He has never really painted before other than a few convention classes and he’s not exactly keen on anything art related.  We sat down and I guided him through painting an orc.  Which mean that was mostly what we did today.  I took every opportunity to tease him, as is my right.

However, the goblins got love as well before the orcs got love.  The goblins got head swag.  By swag I mean a Mohawk and a hood/scarf.


Today was couple’s orc painting day, so the goblins will have to wait to be painted.


  • I started with a primed figure using P3 Black Primer.
  • Also a few coats of Master Series Paint (MSP here on out) Military Green as the skin base.


  • I continued with an MSP Brown Wash over the skin which didn’t seem to do much.  I painted shadows with MSP Swamp Green and highlights with Camoflage Green.  I was given good advice as to never use a sharp/pure white for eyes because it makes the eyes look surprised and unnaturally wide.  I brushed in the sclera of the eye using Citadel Bleached Bone.


  • I decided on red eyes (because orcs are fierce and we love to make them bleed) and dotted the iris with MPS Carnage Red followed by a smaller, lower dot of Citadel Blood Red.  I finished the eyes with a dot of Citadel Chaos Black for the pupil and a small Citadel Skull White dot.  I ended up going back at the end to redo the pupils.
  • I painted the teeth in with Citadel Bleached Boned.  I went back in at the end to clean up the teeth a little.
  • With the face basically done I put a coat of MPS Adamantine Black over the chainmail of the armor.


Crap picture due to crap lighting. Yay for darkness!

  • I worked on the chainmail first by dry brushing MPS Aged Pewter over the Black Adamatine.  I then attempted to dry brush on high areas (the orc man boobs) with Citadel Mithril Silver.  It ended up being too thick.  I went back in and fixed this at the end as well, as I couldn’t tell with the crummy lighting I had.
  • I painted the belt, belt straps, shoulder armor and boots with Citadel Scorched Brown, and dry brushed highlights with MSP Tanned Shadow.  I could have done a wash followed by dry brushing, but my husband was letting me know that after this mini he would never attempt this torture again.


  • I painted his sexy orc skirt with a thinned out MPS Carnage Red and then used a more concentrated mix for the mid-color.  I used Citadel Blood Red for the highlights.
  • I then painted all small details left which included the adorable skull on his belt (yes, adorable, I thought it was cute and fun to paint).  Unsurprisingly I used Citadel Bleached Bone for the skull and Citadel Skull White for the highlights.


“I am the blood brother of Derpy the Cross Eyed.  But I saw the orc Opthalmologist before I had issues…”

Captain Husband’s miniature we called Derpy Orc because he had crossed eyes and crooked teeth.  Someone’s orc mother obviously used her child as a club too many times.  My orc, as I started before, needed a little more eye and teeth love.  The image above is the final result.

I don’t think I could convince Captain Husband to join me on further painting adventures outside of a con.  He let me know that all minis are sacred little flowers and that I am the only one with the touch to handle them they way they should be treated.  At least that’s what I heard as he went swearing off to his man-corner for some ME3 multiplayer.

The Orcs used were Reaper Bones Spearmen.  I have heard from a few people that you don’t need to prime them in order to paint them.  I call bullshit.  I received this as part of a convention class and the paint would not stick.  They were not primed and the class was basically useless as we simply couldn’t paint diddle.  Prime your Bones figures and don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t need to.

Bones figures are also, obviously, going to have the standard plastic issue of bending weapons.  These aren’t going to be treasured PC minis, so I indulged my lazy feeling to not make them metal weapons.

Next time I hope to give you completed Goblins and maybe some elementals.


Goblin Modding Part 1

At GenCon this last year (2012) I was one of the lucky people be awarded a very special prize.  During Paizo’s Pathfinder Society Special called Race for the Runecarved Key 30 players who ranked top in their game tier received the We Be Goblins boon.  This allowed for players to legally play the Goblin race in Pathfinder Society games.

I was one of those very lucky people. Which means I am your Pathfinder Society Goblin mistress.  All your dogmeat are belong to me!

I have an addiction.  A small problem really…I like miniatures.  I have hundreds of them and enjoy assembling them more than anything.  However, some assembly is required for my current project.  Due to this boon I went on the search for “the one goblin to rule them all” so to speak.  Sadly, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  The fate of my husband’s mini, who received the boon as well, was also in my hands.

This meant I needed to open my oodles of mini boxes to find the poor minis I would need to mutilate in order to build my Frankenstein  monster.   There were options in my box, but I still went online to seek some fresh materials.  Don’t tell my husband, but in all honesty it was an excuse to go shopping.  ::que giddy shopping dance::

What I already owned:


Pathfinder Miniatures: Goblin Warriors (4)


Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

What I picked up:


Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist



     I really loved the look of the Gremlin minis and thought the heads would be perfect.  However, Reaper, and most mini websites don’t usually list the size of the mini.  Unless they are unusually large minis online shops don’t usually list height and assume that they are within the threshold of 28mm.  Granted, most hobbyists are aware that Gremlins are small sized creatures.  We don’t know how small they are represented in the minis, but not all minis are created equal (I have some very large “small races” that shouldn’t really be that large).

The Pathfinder Goblins, although meant to be a small race, are still rather bulky and closer to medium in execution.  Goblin design in Pathfinder also varies in terms of their head to body size and shape depending on the artist used in renders.  I was hoping that the gremlin heads would be big enough to lop-off and stick on new bodies.  I also felt gnome bodies would be a good size for the heads.  Being that gnome minis tend to be more “slim” than halfing minis, I decided it would be easier to get a feeling of the oversized goblin heads.

Unfortunately, the gremlin heads were too gosh darned small (size matters apparently!), perfect in appearance,  but too small.  I briefly considered modding them with green stuff to add hoods, accessories, hair and the right weapons for our Ranger and Alchemist…but I am not that much of a glutton for punishment.  Modding a 28mm standard mini is much less of a pain than a 10-12mm one.  I’m not a pro yet.

I ended up cutting off heads of the first and fourth Goblin minis shown above.  And also removing the bow arm from the first mini and the fisted arm from the second mini.  I was very happy with the size and appearance of the Professor L.T. Froschmeister mini and only needed to cut off baldy’s head. However, I removed the head and both arm below the chain mail of the Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard mini.

The alchemist goblin was by far the easiest to mod.  I sculpted his base as a stone floor, but it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted.  This was my own error in that the green stuff had more yellow than blue.  I usually use for yellow than blue for a softer puddy while I fill in hole on minis.  I am still getting over a cold, so I attribute my laziness in squishing up a new batch of green stuff to the copious amount of Nyquil keeping me going.  Good layering of paint and terrain can fix it right up.

With a simple cutting of heads, a .50 pin, and a little glue, the Goblin Alchemist was essentially pieced together.


The only tweaks I plan on making is adding a Mohawk and possibly some goggles with green stuff before I paint him.  I also realized in my cold-stupor that I didn’t green stuff the slight gap in his neck.  This will be remedied.

     The Goblin Ranger was a little more difficult.  I didn’t make a clean cut with the arms and the possible sanding of the clipped ends would remove some precious length.  I pinned the arms with a .25 pin.  I am going to go over the arm joints with a little green stuff when I go back in to sculpt a hood and a ponytail.  I am not 100% content with the arm positions, as I would have liked a more “battle ready” pose.  But this cheering pose works well too, and I think at least gives off the impression of Goblin energy (or ADD-ness if you will).


I also based a few Ral Partha wardogs I got from a “bits and pieces” bin at a con, as well as gave some additional pinning and green stuff joint support to some elemental miniatures of mine.

Next on the list, some more green stuff molding and painting!


Thank you for coming here and checking out my first post.  I really appreciate it.  I had been thinking about starting a blog project on and off since I was a teenager.  I still have a live journal, but it doesn’t suit this particularly purpose of mine.  This is a place for me to share and be sparklie-eyed about a variety of interests and less about my complaints of laundry (damn you socks!).

Nerddrasil looks exactly like you think it would.  It’s a combination of Nerd and Yggdrasil (or Nordrassil if you are a World of Warcraft fan).  I hope that it will represent a place that touches upon a wide variety of branches in the “nerd” tree of life.  There may also be a little gushing about North Atlantic history as well because…well, Vikings and similar people are freaking sexy as a hell.  People think beards are coming back?  Bitch please, they never left!

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Video Games
  • Table Top Games (RPGS , board and card games)
  • Hobby Crafts (miniature assembling, modding, painting and sculpting)
  • Mother Fucking Vikings
  • Being a Mother Fucking Sorcerer
  • Saucy Geek Homes and Crafts
  • Healthy Gamer Habits (we all have succumbed to the soda and chip binge, after all)
  • Alternative Gaming Options
  • And most likely reviews assuming I have an opinion beyond, “I have alcohol and ice cream, all is well with the world.”

Next post should about about a current miniature modding project I am working on.  Cheers, nerdlings!