About the Blog and Nerd

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This blog is a lady’s gushings about:

  • Video Games
  • Table Top Games (RPGS , board and card games)
  • Hobby Crafts (miniature assembling, modding, painting and sculpting)
  • Mother Fucking Vikings
  • Being a Mother Fucking Sorcerer
  • Saucy Geek Homes and Crafts
  • Healthy Gamer Habits (we all have succumbed to the soda and chip binge, after all)
  • Alternative Gaming Options
  • And most likely reviews assuming I have an opinion beyond, “I have alcohol and ice cream, all is well with the world.”

Feel free to stay and read if any of these things tickles your fancy-pants.


My name is Shaina and I am an archaeologist who is usually looking for work (what young archaeologist isn’t?).  However, I am a full time nerd of a variety of things.  I made this blog to share interests and hopefully help others indulge in their own nerdery.

I am also owned by a chocolate Tan rabbit named General Bismark.  He’s a furry little butthole from time to time.


General Bismark, His Royal Buttholeness


4 thoughts on “About the Blog and Nerd

  1. I look forward to reading about your.. “healthy” gaming habits. Also, you make me want ice cream and boozahol and it’s only 8am

  2. Ya know I’ve been wanting to start a blog/vlog for about two years now. I just felt like it was too late, but inspired me. Even if i only get two followers, im gonna go for it. And i definitely will be keep up with yours.

    • That’s awesome to hear! Go for it! It’s really never too late. I have so many minis and I keep collecting more. I don’t paint them as often as I should. I set a goal for myself to try to post once a week, which keeps me painting regularly (if it’s it more like bi-weekly or more). I hope it helps other hobbyists in some ways, but it also gives me something to keep me motivated to paint.

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